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Women’s Wellness

The Dance of Life

This ancient art originated as a dance for women, by women. It has been a fertility dance, a folkloric pastime, a birthing ritual, a dance art performed for Pharaohs and as a courtesan’s dance. It is one of the oldest and historically rich dances in the world.

Currently, alternative and holistic health practices are incorporating “belly dance” into their therapies and Wellness Programs.  The isometric movements of the dance soothe the internal organs, digestion is aided and this creates a natural method of regularity and balance.  It can help ease PMS and symptoms of menopause.  For centuries, this dance has been utilized as aiding in both fertility and the birth process.

In almost 20 years of teaching this dance, I have observed women’s bodies change. I have seen their confidence blossom through creative exploration and expression.  Through this sisterhood, I have watched women find the courage to strengthen relationships or leave unhealthy ones. They have given birth, gained muscle strength, lost weight, defined and embraced their womanly curves and danced through cancer therapies and menopause. Yet, the element I have enjoyed most is observing the transformation of the women in the class. Dancers agree that they find strength in the camaraderie of other women and this in turn brings joy, boosts self esteem and creates more physical and mindful energy. This dance is the epitome of feminine strength and power.



  • Wellness Coaching
  • Performance Art
  • Cultural Events and Celebrations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Belly Dance Classes



  • International Performer
  • Instructor
  • M.A.Ed.

Belly Dance with Luisa

Class Focuses on Veils, Finger Cymbals, Classic Danse du Ventre and Fusion.

Come and experience exciting choreography that enhances posture, grace, stage presence and self esteem.


Private and group class available, please use the contact form below to request more information.

About Luisa

Study with a Master of Danse Orientale

Experience interesting and exotic Raks Sharqi choreography, eclectic rhythms, tabla, veil and zill technique, for the artistic performer.

Teacher to The Stars

Luisa is an international artist.  She has taught and performed in Greece, Jordan, Europe and throughout the U.S. With intricate hips and a graceful style, Luisa has choreographed and inspired numerous dancers and celebrities leading “Dances of the Nile” at the exclusive Golden Door.

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